Actress Deepika Singh says my break was about learning and evolving

Actress Deepika Singh

Deepika Singh : Taking a break doesn't always mean you're sitting idle, doing nothing. That is never the case! My work had made me financially independent. Being an influencer, I was busy exploring social media to the maximum and attending events. So, I wasn't on television massively, but I was considering among many things.

I did OTT projects and films including Halala (2019) and Titu Ambani (2022) in the same phase. Between all of this, I was fully focused on my dance journey. After seven years of hard work and practice, I completed my mastery in Odyssey. Now, I am relieved and that is when I decided it was time to return to TV,” says the Diya Aur Baati Hum (2011) actor.

Singh believes that although things have changed in the television industry, the audience remains the same. She adds, “There are constant changes when it comes to technology, concepts and working patterns, but television viewers have always been with us and loyal to us. You wouldn't believe this kind of mail and questions about when I'll start playing the hero on TV like I used to. It was the love of my audience that brought me back. I wanted to do a show that, despite being full-time, would leave room for my son Soham to be cared for while also continuing my dancing,” he said.

The actor says that since new stories are being written and characters are being well developed, television is also going through a period of change.

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