'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' reboot could be coming soon, according to creator Dolly Parton

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

While Parton is best known as a country music legend, she was also an uncredited producer of the iconic classic 1990s television series starring Sarah Michelle Gellar and the 1992 film on which it is based.

Parton's production company, Sandolar Productions, which the singer founded with her former manager, Sandy Gallin, co-produced all seven seasons of "Buffy" through its television production arm, Sandolar Television. It also co-created the spinoff show "Angel" starring David Boreanaz.

"They're still working on it," Parton told Business Insider, though she did not reveal who exactly is involved in the project. “They're thinking about bringing it back and giving it a new look.”

Parton's Sandolar Productions co-produced the original "Buffy" film starring Kristy Swanson with Kuzui Enterprises.

The production companies later teamed up with "Buffy" creator Joss Whedon's Mutant Enemy Productions and 20th Century Fox Television (now simply 20th Television) on the popular TV series.

Cast of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"
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According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fran Rubel Cuzui first attempted to reboot "Buffy" with a new film in 2009. However, fans of the show and some of its cast members criticized the project for not involving Whedon.

In 2018, Whedon and producer and screenwriter Monica Owusu-Breen collaborated on a proposed "Buffy" reboot with a Black lead, Deadline reported.

This time, the project received backlash from fans who assumed that a black actor would play Buffy. On X, formerly known as Twitter, Owusu-Breen suggested that the reboot would introduce new characters.

"There's only one Buffy," she wrote.

Although plans for an on-screen reboot have not yet been finalized, the world of "Buffy" has expanded to other mediums.

Several of the "Buffy" cast reunited last year for an Audible series set after the events of the show that ended in 2003.

"Slayers: A Buffyverse Story" picks up 10 years after the "Buffy" series finale and introduces a new Slayer, Indira (voiced by Laya Delaney Hayes), and Buffy's former vampire boyfriend, Spike (voiced by James Marsters). Gai) is focused on.

Anthony Head, Charisma Carpenter, Juliet Landau, Emma Caulfield, Amber Benson, James Charles Leary and Danny Strong also reprized their roles from the TV series.

Speaking about the original series, Parton told Business Insider that although she was "very involved", she credits the show's success to the people who worked on it every day.

Parton says she lived in Nashville when "Buffy" was shooting in Los Angeles, so she didn't get a chance to visit the set very often.

"A lot of my work has been spent talking back and forth with the business people there," says the singer, who spoke to BI to promote her latest baking mix with Duncan Hines and its parent company Conagra Brands. "

She adds, "I have to give more people credit for 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' than myself. A lot of people put a lot of sweat into it." "That little show did pretty well."

Parton has five new dessert mixes featuring Duncan Hines set to hit stores this month. Buttermilk pancake mix in collaboration with Conagra is set to hit the market later this year.

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