Celebrities react to Kate Middleton's cancer news: Blake Lively's sorry for her crime, Kim's on fire, Ivanka Trump's endorsement

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Kate Britain, shocked the world with her cancer announcement, leaving conspiracy theorists with only one appropriate course of action: an apology.

Now, celebrities who previously made jokes about his health, or simply mentioned him during his absence, are coping with the situation in their own way. Hollywood actress Blake Lively was quick to apologize about her previous joke about Kate and immediately went to her Instagram story.

Other celebrities such as Katie Couric and Olivia Mann, Ivanka Trump have also commented on Kate’s health.

Expressing regret over Blake Lively’s sarcasm

"I know anyone would want it today, but I feel like I should accept it," the "Gossip Girl" actress wrote on her Instagram. "I made a silly post in 'Photoshop Failures,' and wow! I have to disregard that post today.

I'm sorry. Always sending love and best wishes to all," he continued. Kate announced her cancer on March 22 in a video on her and Prince William's social media handles.

Katie Couric's response

Couric, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in September 2022, also commented on the situation. He wrote, "Catherine, Princess of Wales, announced on Friday that she has been diagnosed with cancer and is being treated with preventive chemotherapy.

As someone who has faced breast cancer, I was deeply affected by her comments." Hua. I'm sending them and their families prayers for healing."

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