Neha Bhasin on her weight loss, I was fasting for about 17-18 hours

Neha Bhasin

Singer Neha Bhasin has always been devoted to fitness, but it's her dancing and intermittent fasting that has further helped her lose a few inches. "I've always focused on my fitness.

I ended up losing inches because I was preparing for the video for my upcoming song, so had to dance for 4-5 hours with a schedule of strict intermittent fasting. I quite regularly... workout but maybe "that preparation gave it an extra boost," she shares.

"Have lost weight, barely 2-3 kg here and there, nothing drastic on the weight scale, but more physical changes due to fat loss. Whenever I start dancing a lot more, it's always." There are huge changes.

It's the best cardio." "I'm in the best shape when I do regular concerts and shows too," the 41-year-old tells us, highlighting that dance is the best cardio for weight loss.

Bhasin also said she was fasting intermittently and eating only healthy food. "I've been gluten and dairy free for many years, mainly home cooking.

Doesn't consume a lot of sugar, mostly just fruit. But at the time during practice, I was walking intermittently so I was about 17- I was fasting for 18 hours ".

I don't always do this, but I like to eat nothing after sunset. I was eating small meals throughout the day, that too mewe, coconut water, tofu, gram, etc," says the Kut Kut Bajra singer. .

Sharing details about his upcoming song, which ultimately helped him on his journey, Bhasin says, "I just recorded my single, so I will be releasing a song by next month.

It's something I've never done before." Haven't. It's going to be. "A blast, it's not Punjabi folk, I'm doing a Hindi original song after a long time. It's a hip hop dance track!"

"I've been doing Punjabi music for quite some time, didn't intend to do it in Hindi yet, but when the writer wrote it, it sounded great so I thought why not? I'm very eccentric in this sense.

A lot of the time." from no chance.” seemed Hindi single on bass, I am happy to do so after a while,” she concludes.

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