Nitanshi Goyal : When I heard Aamir sir was producing it, I thought it was a mischievous call

Nitanshi Goyal

Nitanshi Goyal : 16-year-old actor Nitanshi Goyal finds herself at the center of a wave of acclaim after playing the role of a flower in Kiran Rao’s missing ladies, supported by her ex-husband, actor Aamir Khan. Calling the moment "unreal", Goyal comments, "Since the film released, my character Phool is getting amazing response," He added, "We are visiting theaters to surprise the audiences… were and a group of 8-9 women came in.

They said to me with tears in their eyes, 'We were looking at your self.' It was a huge compliment for me.They were kissing my forehead and hugging me.I was very happy that the film and my character is getting such a loving response.May the world be like this, people call me flower… Recognize.”

Nitanshi Goyal about her experience working in Missing Ladies
Goyal, who plays the lead in an adult character in the film (she is playing an 18-year-old girl but before that she has always worked as a child artist) expresses happiness of her burgeoning career. “There is no bad moment for an actor when his character comes to life, and mine is the first film. Besides, many senior actors have also seen it and their eyes shed tears appreciating my performance and the film,” he said.

Reflecting on his journey to reach the role, Goyal shared, "When I got the offer to audition for it, I had no idea it was connected to Kiran mam or Aamir sir," adding, "The moment I studied the scene three times long, I just wanted to be part of it. I prepared for the project all night and watched old movies. I got up and got ready as a flower, I didn't even have a sari, just a... The pair was a lehenga dupatta.

The actress revealed that when Aamir Khan wanted to meet her, she couldn't believe it. “Within few hours of the audition, I got a call saying that Kiran mam and Aamir sir want to meet you for lunch. At first I thought it was a naughty call," she continues. "I'm just asking if it's Aamir Khan, but please tell me specifically what you're doing. They assured me it was the same and to my surprise, it was incredible. I was too nervous to meet him. “What an amazing audition you have,” he said.

He asked me if I hadn't seen your acting. I told them that I have done 4-5 auditions per day and from each audition I have learned to play different roles. I have just learned from my audition. He went up to my mother and said, 'You have the diamond,'" she recalled of the conversation. "It felt very special because my mother started crying too. That memory is very vivid to me. My dream is like a dream. I’ve always respected him and now having him chat about my life and praise me was incredible!”

The actor, who was seen in supporting roles in Sukhi and Maidan (both 2023), feels that Missing Ladies will be the big break for him and the gateway to more opportunities. “I hope to get more opportunities now. Only up and up from now on. I have never had any other project with the kind of response this film has got,” he said. I actually want to work in more films that I can be associated with,” he said.

Apart from his on-screen success, Goyal also has over ten million followers on Instagram. Talking fondly about the community she has developed through social media, affectionately referring to her followers as 'Nitanshians', she says, "The family I have is a are like family.They call me Nits, I call them Nitanshiyan.I made this family during lockdown,I wanted to use this platform to represent myself as a person.So much of my voice to people Like it, they started putting it on their caller tunes and my videos on their statuses. People liked to tell me motivational quotes and so the family grew."

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