Zahra S. Khan : Happy to be a part of something that is totally for love

Zahra S. Khan

Zahra S. Khan : Zahra S Khan, who was the main voice behind Rakulpreet Singh and Jackie Bhagnani’s trending wedding song Bin Tere , tells us that everything was a surprise for the bride.

“I had my singing part in it, but when I was told about the purpose of the song (for Rakul and Jackie’s wedding) and I heard the composition, I put my all into it and made sure I loved it my whole… Let me present with.

In my heart,'' he added, ''it was a beautiful experience because the song wasn't being made for a commercial purpose, it was purely for love.

An important day that two people were going to spend together. It will remain a sweet memory for me that my work was associated with such a natural and sacred moment.”

Talking about what happened behind the scenes before making the song, the 32-year-old actor said, “Jackie reached out to all of us and said he wanted to make something special for his wife and this could be something…

That tells us about our love.” , traveling and bonding,” and goes on to say, “It was a surprise to Rakul, she knew he was doing something, but didn’t know what it really was. They heard it much later and they were very happy with it.''

The singer is happy with the popularity the track is getting on social media. “We’re all really happy that it’s now reels and trending everywhere, people are loving it so much. I keep seeing these beautiful videos that people are making on social media.

The most beautiful thing happens when you're not expecting anything from something and it makes you proud, it's a weird feeling. I wasn't really expecting anything, neither good nor bad. But when I saw love, it was the most refreshing and surprising feeling,” says Khan.

According to him, social media is a boon and a way for songs to trend and go viral, he quipped, “Still, social media, or specifically Instagram reels have become one of the strongest platforms, because Every person who can connect with you artists on Instagram and vice versa, they are able to connect with their followers and fans.

It’s actually you who are present on social media and connecting with people and I think that’s a beautiful thing. You have a way to say anything and put yourself out there.

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